PILOT (series/drama) When Henry, a human teenager and maniac par excellence, makes a play to break out of a prison town built entirely for has-been monsters, he jumpstarts a systematic plot to exterminate the entire town- himself included. In order to save his own life, he'll have to subvert their oppressors and ally himself with a ragtag group of monsters that blame him for their plight. It’s Noah Hawley’s FARGO but with monsters.

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PILOT (drama) When a cocksure young doctor at a small-town zoo decides to create a drug that he hopes might save his drug-addicted brother and heal his tragedy-ridden family, he inadvertently creates a formula that grants its user one hour of super-strength - - - and an avalanche of side effects that include, and are not limited to, the interest of the Reno mob, the ire of some rural thugs, the sudden appearance of their long-lost father and the thirst of a power-hungry, business-mogul that is considering a presidential run.

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FEATURE (horror/action) When a young, Muslim-American woman retreats to a remote arctic research station in order to escape persecution in the wake of a devastating election cycle, her fears seem to manifest themselves in the form of a relentless, snow-dwelling monster. When the ensuing alarm calls a team of would-be "monster hunters" to her aid, she quickly discovers that the world she ran from still considers her a target, too.


PILOT (miniseries/drama) While the Beach Boys sound was born upon the beach, their longevity was built on brotherhood and addiction. For nearly seven decades, their story has woven a complicated tapestry of genius and stupidity, hilarity and tragedy and - through it all - love.


FEATURE (horror/thriller) When a young black woman travels south of the border in search of some primal thrills, her decision forces her into the maws of a horrific, back-alley werewolf fight. When she returns to Los Angeles, it becomes clear that the encounter has transformed her into a force of unparalleled confidence and strength, but the world of man and its endless, sexist authority will feed her a silver bullet before they let her chase progress in the wild, white moonlight.

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Made possible by a big assist from our friends at NoLabel, this rough sizzle reel highlights a bit of the style

we hope to bring to our film - alternatively titled, LILLY - though it does lack any sense of the humor found in the screenplay. 


FEATURE (fantasy/family) When a long-prophesized queen finally comes of age, it is to a kingdom that has banished magic and opened its lands to a swarth of deadly male invaders and monsters. In order to save her people and color a world long left to grey, the young queen must go on a quest to reawaken magic and reclaim her misappropriated youth. THE PRINCESS BRIDE meets GAME OF THRONES.


PILOT (comedy) When a brilliant but self-sabotaging designer inside a top-secret supervillain weapons lab is accidentally thrust into a position of power, the ensuing spotlight gives her the chance to fell the city's mightiest hero and capture some long overdue respect - - - though it will come at the cost of her morally ambiguous existence on the sidelines of 'good versus evil.'